July 14, 2020

Few Different Materials Used for Making Tote Bags

By admin

Those who are very creative person and also enjoy sewing, and making different craftworks, are usually the perfect candidate for making these tote bags. Nowadays, such bags are quite popular and also very trendy.

You will now find many people who prefer to make their own tote bags by using various kinds of designs and fabric. Though mostly tote bags of canvas are used due to their durability, but totes are also made of many other fabrics too.

You will find many different affordable custom tote bags that are bought for matching with various clothing and few other accessories.

Whether your tote bag has a bold print, tiger print, strips, leopard print, or any other kind of ever-loving camouflaged pattern, it is always fun to carry a tote bag.

We will talk about various materials that are commonly used for making such tote bags.

Different types of materials used for tote bags

Let us try to know about each material that are generally used for makings such tote bags and how they can be different from each other too.

  • Polypropylene

This kind of material is a certain type of plastic, which is melted and then strung together for making sheets of fabric. Mostly it is used due to its water-resistant properties.

  • Cotton

This material is not only natural resource, but also it is quite sustainable, which means your growing cotton will cause very little or no damage at all to the environment.  Also, it can again continue to be grown over a period of time without running it out.

  • Polyester

Although this synthetic fiber often is blended with cotton material, but it also can work fine of its own. They are made from a material called polyethylene terephthalate plastic, and hence polyester will always feel silky and slippery to touch.

  • Canvas

This word ‘canvas’ has actually been derived from Latin word that means ‘hemp’ and it was used for many thousands of years back before and finally it was changed with cotton.

Canvas is although made from cotton, but it is layered into much heavier fabric, and hence it can withstand much of extra wearing.

  • Nylon

Usually most people try to associate this term nylon with the stockings of women. However, it is used for making a wide range of items, that includes umbrellas, tents, and toothbrush bristles etc.

  • Jute

Jute is a well-known natural fiber which is entirely made from plant material. It is commonly used for making rope and burlap. Jute is also completely biodegradable and called as “The Golden Fiber” due to its color.

  • PVC

PVC clothing during the 90s, was made very popular by Spice Girls and few other musicians such as Shania Twain and Britney Spears. Although PVC can also be colored, but it is mostly used as see-through material.

  • Polyurethane

Primarily, polyurethane is known for making faux and spandex leather. This material can overall, withstand very long periods of moisture and heat, which means it can last for quite a long time.