May 18, 2020

Various Things You Can Do at Zion National Park

By admin

Zion National Park is one of the most popularly visited tourist destinations all across the globe. If you have not been to this place earlier, then this post would be helpful to you. We will share with you some of the spectacular activities that you should not miss. With a lot of things to indulge in Zion National Park, it will be quite easy to please all people of age groups and physical abilities.

Driving the Zion-Mt.

You must not miss Carmel Scenic Highway on your trip to Zion National Park. It would make an incredible, impressive, and an imposing drive with gorgeous rock towering on all sides. The road winds, ducks and dips into tunnels for around twelve miles. Traffic moves sluggishly, as weather and road conditions, wildlife demands attentive driving. Zion Motel are well equipped with top class amenities to offer a comfortable stay to the visitors.

Mount Carmel Highway

Mount Carmel Highway is twelve mile highway that connects the east as well as south entrances of Zion National Park. Driving this highway is a brilliant experience as it takes you up and down sharp switchbacks and through the 1mile long Zion Mount. Carmel Tunnel.

One of the best things that could give you peace and pleasure is the Riverside walk. The entire path is paved and flat. Sitting along the Virgin River with trees surrounding it is a wonderful sight to watch. The walk is nearly of 2.2 miles and appropriate for everyone. Though it is not adventurous activity like hiking in Zion but fills you with serenity and calmness A riverside walk is prettiest spots that you can find in Zion.

Zion Park Hikes

Most of the people who come to Zion National Park are interested to hike the Narrows as this is the most iconic hikes. This morning hike is around 10 miles long. It is not a trail, but a steep canyon via which the Virgin River flows. Most of the hike activity is performed by paddling through the river.

Go for a leisure walk

Take a short easy walk through the Zion that will connect you to the great scenery of this park. Some of the easiest walks include Pa’rus Trail, Riverside Walk, and Lower Emerald Pool Trail.

Take a scenic ride at Kolob Canyons

Most of the people are not aware of the fact that there are two sections to “Zion National Park” One is the Kolob Canyons section and other lies at 40 miles towards north of Zion Canyon.

See Zion from a helicopter

Are you an adventure lover, then taking a mesmerizing view of Zion from a helicopter will give you fresh and totally different perspective of Zion? To get maximum utilization of this opportunity, you need to book a helicopter tour. Zion Helicopters in Utah offers a wide range of varying tours that take you through the peripheries of the Zion park from the air.


A trip to Zion National Park would be all the more special and enjoyable if you include all these services into your travel list.