May 18, 2020

Things to Pack When You Visit Nosara in Costa Rica

By admin

Are you planning to visit the beaches in Nosara on the pacific coast of Costa Rica? Water here is quite warm and you can see tall waves in the seaside. There are plenty of vegetation around and you can also catch glimpse of wildlife.

If you travelling to this place then you must bring weather proof gear, various sports dress and proper documents which will be needed over here. If you carry the right items with you then you can comfortably travel anywhere.

You can get nice accommodation at the resort called Bodhi Del Mar where you can also get an opportunity to unwind yourself by participating in Yoga.

A few important things to carry when you travel to this place are mentioned below. This will ensure that your stay is comfortable and enjoyable too.

  • Money and documents

While visiting this place you must have a passport which must be valid for minimum six months after you arrive to this place. You must also bring number of copies of your passport and that should be stored separately when you travel. If you are planning to drive at this place then you need to buy a detailed roadmap. Almost all shops and hotels will accept US dollars and therefore it is better to bring some cash. Credit or debit cards are also accepted for any transaction and there is one bank available at Nosara with ATM facility. Depending upon your shopping plan you must bring your cash.

  • Electronics

There are plenty of stunning sceneries that you may come across while travelling around Nosara and therefore in order to capture the scenes you must carry a digital camera with wide -ranging zooming lens. You should be able to adjust its lighting if required. Nosara does not have good street lighting and hence must bring flashlights with extra batteries and chargers. Also, it must come with any battery- operated alarm clock.

  • Health and hygiene

Since there is a bright sun light and hence you must bring sunscreen and aloe-vera or any other skin soothing cream to protect against sunburn. Also, bring your medical kit with necessary medicines for upset stomach, band aids, pain reliever and anti-bacterial ointment.

  • Weather proof dress

Temperature here varies from 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the year and sky remains clear from December to April. Between June to September it rains. Therefore, based on the season you visit, you need to pack your clothes. So, you can pack T-shirts, skirts, shorts, sun glasses, flip-flops, sundresses, swimsuits and hats. If you visit during rainy season then bring rain jacket and long pants too.

  • Sports wear

Since this place is meant for hiking, surfing, horse riding and yoga and therefore visitors must come with necessary sports gear depending upon which activities you want to keep yourself engaged in during your stay over here.

Ladies visiting to this place must pack necessary items based on the weather and sports they are planning to indulge in.