May 18, 2020

Check All the Facilities Provided Before Letting your Mischievous Cat Stay at the Boarding

By admin

Cats are the most mischievous pets. They are fast runners and with their flexible body, they can hide even in a tiny corner. When you keep cats as pet, there are many things that have to be looked into, especially when you have a large home and a dog as well. Pets are adored by everyone hence we prefer to carry our pets to every place where we go irrespective of the area and kind of animal we have.

However, there are instances when it is difficult to travel with your pet. There are places where your pets may not be allowed, and you have to travel for long days. In such situation, leaving your pet behind alone at home is not only risky, but also against humanity. You may ask someone to look after them, but will your neighbor take full responsibility for everything is the question. Hence, for such troublesome days, there is cat boarding which provides all kinds of facilities for your pet including, food, stay and activities for as long as you want.

This means no longer ignoring long vacation because of your pet. Cities like Phoenix, which is the capital of state Arizona have very hot days. It is difficult to carry your pet for vacation to places during the tour. Also, if you’re travelling by road or air, you might take a chance of keeping your pet beside you, but you aren’t sure if the hotel you checked in allows pet as well. Hence, even if you carry your pet you can talk to hotel staff and arrange cat boarding in Phoenix.

Not all cat boarding can be self-sufficient, hence here are few things that will help you to pass a cat boarding happily –

  • You shouldn’t stick to one shelter, but look for many options so that the choice can be made accordingly. Otherwise, you will have to depend on just one selection that you made.
  • Once you have selected few shelters, then you can contact them to take appointment and booking. If the staff isn’t friendly and they don’t inform you about the vet, pet’s amenities, and also don’t ask for your contact number, address and emergency number, then the boarding isn’t running well.
  • Any shelter will allow you to take a tour because that will give you assurance of safety. Any boarding that doesn’t allow you to look into the office and shelter can be suspicious and should be avoided immediately.
  • Hygiene is the prime factor for everyone. If you smell feces or bad odor around the place, then the center isn’t being cleaned properly with disinfectants, avoid such places because that can make your cat sick.
  • The shelter should have proper room for individual cats and they shouldn’t be stuffed in small cages. Sometimes cats panic when they aren’t provided proper ventilation and place to stay.
  • The staff should provide you with vet information and the staff that would stay at night as well. This way if you would like to confirm anything day and night you would know that vet and staff are always available.
  • Most importantly, the shelter should be exclusively for cats and not for any other animal like dogs. Noises made by other animals can frighten cats.

When you get all the information properly only then think of moving your pet to the boarding.