May 18, 2020

Barcelona – What You can Do in This City for Free or Low Budget

By admin

Have you been dreaming about visiting Barcelona anytime soon? Are you feeling a little sad and postponing this trip for later just because you are a low on budget? If that sounds like you, then we have got you sorted. The good news is that Barcelona has a lot of things to offer to its visitors for free. This means, all you have to be worried about is your flight tickets and stay because everything else is sorted for free.

Here is a list of things that you can do in Barcelona free of cost or for little money:

  1. Museums are free – if you want to explore the history and culture of a city, the best bet is to visit local museums. They are free to enter and offer a lot. Not only you gain a lot of knowledge about the place, but also spend as much time as you want inside the museum. You can click pictures and all this will cost you nothing.
  2. Exhibitions and concerts – There are many concerts and exhibitions happening in Barcelona every week. You may want to check these and attend. Not only these concerts are fun but also great place to make local friends. Making local friends means they can suggest you more free things to do in Barcelona as they have been living in the city for long and know the place very well.
  3. Local cafes – Now this one is of course not 100% free but definitely a low budget thing. Rather than going for fine-dining or expensive restaurants, you can check out those tiny cafes on the street. They offer good meal for very cheap price and the food served by these cafes are tasty too. The best part is that when you eat local food at local cafes then you are sure to get the real taste of it. This is because; these local cafes do not spend time or effort in decorating the food or make it look lavish. As a result, they sell for cheap and you get the real taste for less money. Win-win situation.
  4. Choose off-season – The best time to visit Barcelona in low budget is November. This month is usually the off-season and not many tourists come to the city. As a result, all the vendors including tickets, hotels, food, touristy places etc. sell their services for cheap. Another benefit of visiting Barcelona in off-season is there isn’t much crowd, which means you can explore every place with quite ease without being worried about standing in the long queue or getting trapped in the crowd.
  5. Public transport – You can choose to travel in city bus, or trains and avoid private taxis. Not only these public transports are cheap but also very much on time. You can check the maps or ask local people to help you guide to the bus stops or train stations. It’s not that difficult to travel in any new city using public transport. Give it a try.